Player ratings: Manchester City v Burnley

Given – Produced an excellent reaction save to a flicked header just prior to the second goal. The Irishman couldn’t be faulted on a bad day elsewhere for the defence. 7

Zabaleta – A decent performance even if the Argentine didn’t manage to supply any of the quality crosses of which he’s capable. 7

Toure – Defensively the captain did ok, and snapped up his goal very well. It was disheartening to see him resort to pumping long balls in the direction of Adebayor in the first half – bringing the ball out of defence is one of his strengths. 7

Lescott – The man is getting slaughtered elsewhere, yet I feel some sympathy. Many referees wouldn’t have given the penalty, while he had to attack the man with the ball in the build-up to the second goal. During the second half he actually played well, winning numerous challenges and putting in some good passes, even if he did let Nugent get away in the last minute. 6

Bridge – Possibly not fully fit, and clearly under instruction to get forward at every opportunity. Burnley targetted the space he left to devastating effect. Completely AWOL for the first two goals and a poorly judged header gave possession to Nugent in the build-up to the third. 4

Ireland – In the first half nothing came off as he looked to eager to get the ball through to the front men. Second half was much better, typified by the lay-off to Wright-Phillips who crossed for Bellamy’s goal. 7

Barry – Better than at Birmingham, but still a long way from his best. Delivery from set-pieces wasn’t consistent but when they were good, they were very good. In particular was an excellent free-kick for Toure’s goal, and a corner that nearly induced an own-goal. 6

Bellamy – In the first half he seemed to be running into the forwards, but managed to find his own space in the second, as best illustrated by the third goal. Once again he grew stronger as the game wore on. 7

Wright-Phillips – This was the SWP of old; going past defenders, picking out opponents and even scoring! His best performance for a long time and the clear highlight of the game. 9

Adebayor – As furthest man forward, he was to often offside. Fared better at the start of the season with Bellamy slightly ahead of him. 6

Tevez – Frustratingly, he was in the midst of his best spell when taken off. Possibly paid the price for missing earlier opportunities. 6


Petrov – After coming on, he was quickly switched to the right flank. As a result he was always inclined to cut in and have a shot, but this was not a good day for his finishing. 6

Man of the match: Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Verdict: Manchester City v Burnley
Verdict: United Arab Emirates 1 Manchester City 0


  1. Big blue Meanie
    9 November 2009 - 5:35 pm

    Good review, have read a couple of hysterical reactions to the fifth defeat – oops sorry draw – since Sunday, nice to see you’re not losing your head!
    Not impressed by the long ball out of defence, as you mentioned with Toure, he wasn’t the only one either, Shay Given hasn’t been bothering to pass out to defence, with the effect of marginalising our midfield, and making our forward line look ineffectual – no wonder Barry et al have been floundering recently, we’re not playing to our strengths for reasons which are baffling me!!???
    I’m still optimistic we can turn these draws into victories with more emphasis on the passing game we all know we can do,
    City in the Afterlife!

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