Player ratings: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City

Given – Little chance with the goals, and even came for a couple of crosses to help an overworked defence battle the height of Crouch. Impeccable decision making on a difficult evening. 6

Richards – Did his best to get forward, but wasn’t able to replicate his goal from last weekend. Defensively he stayed strong, doing his best when asked to mark Crouch at set-pieces. 6

Sylvinho – Predictably targeted as a weak link, but deserves sympathy rather than criticism for a torrid evening. He stayed in position, kept going all match, but was hung out to dry by tactics of playing a high line, and a lack of support from a forward in front of him, or a left footed centre-back coming over to cover. 5

Toure – The ex-Arsenal man got stuck in with some meaty tackles, and kept Defoe in check… until he got half a yard to score the second. 6

Onuoha – Reliable defending on the ground, but no match for Crouch in the air, as demonstrated by the second goal. Hopefully he will enjoy better games in Lescott’s absence. 6

de Jong – It was good to see him back even if he wasn’t able to dominate the midfield as much as he would have liked. Spurs use of the flanks bypassed the Dutchman’s tackles. 7

Barry – Showed some inclination to assist Sylvinho, but we could have done with more. Not able to find the forward passes to hurt Spurs. 5

Ireland – Started out on the right wing, but ended up playing in-the-hole, and was our most dangerous player. Stevie was responsible for our most penetrative passes, even if he was never quite able to fully test Gomes. 7

Robinho – Playing as an out and out winger, the Brazilian was never able to get into the game. On the occasions he was in a good position, both Tevez and Adebayor chose different options. 5

Tevez – Busy, and did his best to link up play. Unfortunately the tight passing game was never able to get through in such a competitive match where challenges came thick and fast. 7

Adebayor – A little more involved than against Bolton, but that’s about all. Conceded possession to easily, failed to win headers against Dawson or Bassong, and missed our best chances. 4


Santa Cruz – Looking a bit fitter, but still yet to influence a league match. 5

Petrov – Did ok with a decent shot from a free-kick, and an excellent pass to create our best chance for Adebayor. 6

Man of the match: Stephen Ireland

Verdict: Tottenham Hotspur 3 Manchester City 0
Preview: Manchester City v Sunderland


  1. Are you on crack? Sevens? Not one of them deserved a 6 let alone a 7, and Ireland 7?Jesus man, put down whatever it is you’re smoking. He was atrocious, and he’s totally lack of balls when he turned his back on the ball 3 yards from his own goal-line was nothing more than embarrassing. Tevez and De Jong were the best of our players, and they only meritted a 5, with the worse being Toure & Adebayor rating at 1 each.

  2. I think you’re being far too generous. I’m a spurs season ticket holder and none of your lads deserved more than a 4. You’ve got some great individuals but you’re a long way from have a good TEAM.

  3. Only in fanticy land did your lads deserve more than a four, I felt sorry for Island and Given they seemed to want to earn their pay, no one else even deserverd the minimum wage so many people a forced to live off.

    These over paid precious people that walked out wearing your Man city shirts (with the exception of Given and Ireland) should be made to live off of a minimum wage for a month maybe then they would realise just how lucky they are and how important it is to perform week in week out.

    rant over

  4. Far far to generous, the defence was allways vulnerable, especially Slyvinho, and I know he’d no help but Lennon destroyed him on his own. Hughes should not have selected him. Adeybayor was a disgrace, again completely idle, however he did look like a workaholic compared to Robinho. Hughes bought them both, talented players that they are, if he can’t get them to break sweat once in a while then either they, or he, must go.

  5. It must be Christmas giving those scores out!! I think it was too cold for your collection of over rated over paid so called superstars!! not just the players played bad but the tactics were poor, why have the oldest member of your team up one on one with the fastest most inform winger in the league?? he must still be dizzy from getting turned inside out by Lennon. the only players you had that looked like they wanted to be there and would fight were the ever impressive Given and Ireland. Tell your lot to open the chq book and get a new manager

  6. I thought that you were poor tactically leaving Sylvinho exposed to our most potent threat. Hadn’t Hughes done his homework?
    You played some clever football especially Tevez and Ireland but wove patterns in midfield without breaching our back line.
    I think you should have been a little more cautious as it is well known that Spurs play better against teams that come out and try to win.
    Again poor tactics away from home and a touch of arrogance. Can’t see Hughes lasting long in the New Year.
    Our best performance of the season

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