Semi-final against United postponed – good news or bad?

No sooner had I published the preview, than the game gets postponed. It will now take place on Tuesday 19th January (the intended date of the second leg), with the return now put back a week to Wednesday 27 January. The home game against Stoke that was due for Tuesday 26 January will now be rearranged.

Apparently the pitch is fine, but the current heavy snow has made the ground around the stadium “treacherous”. It’s also being said the computerised turnstiles are frozen – which could be a problem with a sell-out crowd.

With the excitement and anticipation for this game, it’s initially disappointing to hear of the postponement. On reflection, it may not be such bad news.

City’s injured players get additional recuperation time, while Roberto Mancini gets extra time on the training ground to get his ideas across. Richards, Robinho and de Jong may have played when not fully fit. Wright-Phillips, Santa Cruz, Ireland and Onuoha should all be back by the 19th.

Additionally, if Togo fail to get out of the group stage in the African Cup of Nations then Adebayor’s tournament could be over on the 19th and he may be back in time for the second leg at Old Trafford. Fixtures for the African Cup of Nations can be seen here.

The United response to having lost against Leeds can now be directed at Birmingham. It will be interesting to see the team Ferguson now puts out against us. First he was going to stand by the young players, then after Leeds he wasn’t.

At least we know we’ll be playing our strongest side, and it should be stronger still by the 19th.

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  1. bad news

  2. the ony bad thig about this, aside from all of having our hopes up, is loss of momentum. When we play we will now have more than 1 fit CB, whether it be back from injury or from transfer market.

  3. martin warrington
    5 January 2010 - 4:19 pm

    This is very very fortunate for City. I am a season ticket holder at eastlands and I believe this is a blessing for us. Two reasons already pointed out. We will have a lot of key players back by the first leg and secondly Fergie I believe will send his kids out now. As Utd have Birmingham away and Burnley at home which I think he will give precedent to. City will win 2-0 Bellamy to score 1st goal.

  4. Totally agree with your analysis. We shouldn’t worry or be thinking about which side the opposition fields. What is more important is that we field our strongest possible side, and with the postponement we have better chances of doing this. I am especially hopeful that Ireland will be back in time for the games. I also think that United would have been really fired up for this game—even more than they would normally given the Leeds result—and this way we get to take some sting out of them. On the whole, I am pleased the game won’t be played tomorrow.

  5. I think its good news for the above reason but also they have arsenal away on 31st Jan so i think again he will be forced to rotate & play the kids. I honestly don’t care how we get to the final , just so long as we do make it to Wembley . . . . . .& I have to be honest, we have more chance if Rooney doesn’t play than if he does! That for me is a fact!

  6. I believe it is immaterial when the game is played. Our Manager is so focused and yet unphased by this semi is just a stepping stone to his first trophy. Thus maintaining his record with the other clubs he has managed. This man is a winner. It is significant that Taggart hasn’t uttered a word in his direction. He doesn’t know how to handle him

  7. CTID and maybe even later!
    5 January 2010 - 6:01 pm

    So long as we stuff them – who cares!

    Although I thought Santa Cruz had an excellent game last time out, I think we would be better served in beating the scum by using the ball on the deck. Therefore speed – with Bellamy, Petrov, Tevez, Ireland etc, breaking down the wings and through the middle is the answer – I believe.

    Nice to have an “unbeatable in the air” centre back on the books by then though.

    I cannot wait to get to Wembley and don’t care how we do it! C’monnnnnnnnnnnn City!!!!!!!!!

  8. While RSC is indeed quite good in the air he’s more than just a battering ram. What impressed me the most of his excellent performance again the Mackems was his link up play. He was constantly looking to play other people in. His two tap ins owed to good off the ball movement while it was his clever 1-2 with Bellamy which led to the penalty. Quite a useful player when fully fit.

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