Player ratings: Manchester City v Wigan Athletic

Given – Kept a welcome clean sheet thanks to a couple of excellent saves. The opportunity to demonstrate his skills ought to be a confidence booster. 7

Zabaleta – Was given some testing moments by the strong and pacy Rodallega. A tenth booking of the season sees him miss the next two fixtures. 6

Toure – Just about kept it together defensively, but it ought to have been more comfortable against a lone striker. 6

Kompany – The highlight was a great forward run that nearly took him through the entire Wigan team. Defensively he needs to be careful about conceding clumsy free-kicks in dangerous areas. 6

Garrido – Didn’t convince defensively and wasn’t effective going forwards. Sylvinho may have been a better bet. 5

De Jong – Struggled to dominate in a midfield where we were outnumbered and he had to do all the closing down. 6

Vieira – Not sure he’s any slower than Barry, but there were to many passes going astray. Patrick became a target of people’s frustrations, but in his defence there were occasional quick incisive passes that threatened to unlock the Wigan defence, one of which lead to the opening goal. 5

Wright-Phillips – Figueroa proved a tough opponent for Shaun and he struggled to get past the Honduran. A switch to the left flank saw little improvement and it was no surprise to see him make way for Bellamy. 6

Johnson – Once again our most skilfull wide player. Adam showed the way to go past Figueroa and get into dangerous areas. For all that he still needs to work on finding targets with his final ball. 7

Adebayor – Started with boundless enthusiasm, which faded as his touch went increasingly awry, culminating in a fluffed chance following Tevez’s first. Hopefully more match time will see him rediscover his best form. 6

Tevez – Our best player in the first half, when he went close on two occasions, went on to become our match winner once again. The quality of the goals steadily increased as he completed a deserved hat-trick. 9


Bellamy – Added much needed pace and energy to the proceedings. Did more to assist the midfield than threaten the opposition goal. 7

Sylvinho – Only on for a couple of minutes, but still managed to put in a decent cross – which is more than can be said for others.

Onuoha – Barely got a touch and would hope to see more action soon.

Preview: Manchester City v Wigan
Verdict: Manchester City 3 Wigan Athletic 0


  1. i dont know if you was watching the same match as me and the other 43000 but your ratings for vierais way over the top,he couldnt string a couple of passes together and he was beat for pace every time,he should have been subed at halftime.bellamy deserves an 8 for geeing the players up and getting the players to perform something like a premier team,dejong deserves an 8 in my mind for running is heart out and keeping the midfield going on is own because viera was going missing.

  2. Agree about Viera he was slow and misplaced passes but he was no worse than Barry has been since October I’m not sure why he was targeted for the boo boys last night – it wasn’t as if Mancini was blessed with other options on the bench;

    Thought Adebayor did well, especially in the second half where he and tevez where both attacking as central target men

    Disagree about the Tevez score – nailed on 10 a superb performance – they only criticism is I felt he dived on the penalty claim (or at least went down to easy – not seen a replay yet though !!!)

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