Player ratings: Manchester City v Birmingham City

Given – One stop with his feet would have impressed all the watching keepers of City’s past. The failure to reach a cross that left an opponent with a free header would have left said keepers wincing. 6

Onuoha – Deserves to be credited with two goals, and deserves to keep his place for the derby because of his excellent tackling. Link up play with Johnson wasn’t great but more than made up for it with the goals. 8

Toure – Generally sound and looking more reliable with physically strong defenders at either side. Kolo’s superior technique is a useful quality in retaining possession. 7

Kompany – Strong in the air once again and a real leader at the back – even if he isn’t captain. Knocked the ball about well to retain possession. 7

Garrido – Leaving Jerome unmarked for the Birmingham goal was criminal. Javier’s passing and movement going forward was better than last time out. 6

De Jong – Having not been intended to play to avoid a booking, it was fascinating to see him curtail the sliding tackles and give a masterclass in positional play to keep the opposition out. 7

Barry – Maybe it was being up against Villa’s rivals, maybe it was having to take the lead with de Jong avoiding a booking. Either way, this was one of Gareth’s finest performances in a City shirt, particularly during the first half. The pass to release Bellamy for the third goal was the high point. 9

Johnson – Great to see him beating defenders, though could go round the outside a little more. Corners are peculiarly inconsistent, often failing to beat the first defender, then we score from others, as with the second goal here. 8

Bellamy – Attacked well while also doing his bit to help out Garrido. Increasingly on the same wavelength as Adebayor and Tevez. 7

Adebayor – Worked hard once again and deserved his goals. His unpredictability and moments of skill can provide a breakthrough in tight games. Also looks like he’s enjoying his football. 8

Tevez – In the early part of the game, when Birmingham’s massed ranks were frustrating us, Carlos looked the man most likely. After the interval he became a little greedy and wasn’t able to convert chances. 8


Wright-Phillips – Disappointing to see him played on the left flank and Shaun wasn’t able to get involved in a game that was petering out.

Santa Cruz – Chased around but hardly got a touch.

Cunningham – Spent as long getting instructions from Mancini as he did on the pitch.

Man of the match: Gareth Barry.

Preview: Manchester City v Birmingham City
Verdict: Manchester City 5 Birmingham City 1

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