Player ratings: Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur

Fulop – Demonstrated his shot stopping with excellent saves from Defoe and others. Came for and caught a couple of crosses. Only the up-and-under kicking style was a concern. 7

Zabaleta – Nullified the attacking threat of Bale excellently, but wasn’t able to contribute enough quality in the attacking part of his game. 6

Toure – Dominated in the air by Crouch. Kolo did his best but this was a game when we needed a taller defender. Had two chances to score with headers of his own, and failed to take either. 6

Kompany – For once he wasn’t able to win the aerial battle, such was the effectiveness of Crouch. Otherwise his game was solid enough. 6

Bridge – Up against Lennon, this was a battle of two players returning from injury, and neither was able to get on top. Was stood in no man’s land for the cross which led to the goal. 6

De Jong – Put in a tremendous effort, never allowing Modric or Huddlestone to show their skills. A terrific display of clean tackling, and even got forward a few times early on. 8

Barry – Justified his recall with some good spells and was enjoying the best of them when injured. 6

Johnson – Always willing to try a trick and take the game to the opposition. Rarely conceded possession even if the final ball wasn’t always devastating. 7

Bellamy – Worked tirelessly without ever breaking through. Craig was at fault for the goal, though may have been affected by injury and went off immediately after. 6

Tevez – An excellent start, taking the game to the opposition which, sadly, wasn’t to last. No shortage of endeavour mind. 7

Adebayor – Further evidence that, against the bigger central defenders, Adebayor is no target man. Needed to show more intelligence against a well organised back line, and be in place to attack crosses. 5


Vieira – Came on and carried on from where he left off at the weekend. Unfortunately the game was getting stretched and Spurs had more energy. 6

Wright-Phillips – Used his pace to threaten down the flanks. 6

Santa Cruz – Once again failed to have any impact. 4

Man of the match: Nigel de Jong.

Preview: Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur
Verdict: Manchester City 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1


  1. Very generous to Bridge. Lennon went past him every time he had the ball, as did Kaboul (especially for the goal).

    Also generous to Johnson whose final ball was atrocious. He was played well by Bale and Ekotto.

    Agree that De Jong had a very good game, shame he was the only one to step up to the occasion.

  2. great game and so both clubs have a new era ..dont think mancini should go….

    6 May 2010 - 1:07 pm

    Fulop – fine 7. Zabletta – still diving in too much and therefore a liability, ineffective going forward 5. Bridge – very average 5, Toure – will never be good enough now, very weak in air against anyone never mind Crouch 5. Kompany – ok ish but showed he’s not a centre back 5. De Jong – excellent defensively but put no pressure on Spurs midfielder’s by asking them to defend, thinks he needs a visa to go into opposition box, 6. Barry -same as De Jong and the majot reason we lost, nothing from midfield in an attacking sense, 5. Johnson – promising, needs to play on the left more (but that’s Mancini’s choice) 7. Tevez – good efffort, needed support though, 7. Adebayour – lazy, bone idle, boots sponsored by Blue Circle cement? 4. Bellamy – tried but got nothing out of a very average full back 6.

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