Transfer talk: Yaya’s agent now favours Arsenal while Robinho’s people like Barca

Disappointing news from Spain last night where Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk was once again speaking to Catalan radio station RAC-1.

Dimitri Seluk:

“Arsene Wenger likes him [Toure] and Arsenal are interested.

“He could come into the Cesc deal and Barca and Arsenal are struggling to come to an agreement.

“Everything has changed with City, because they talk a lot but then afterwards they don’t appear to be a rich club but rather a bankrupt one.”

Not very complimentary. Presumably this refers to City being unable to agree a fee with Barca after the same agent claimed to have agreed a deal with a club, assumed to be City, at the weekend.

It was thought that Arsene Wenger was happy with Diaby and Song, and not especially interested in Toure. The outgoing Barca president, Joan Laporta, appears keen to get a deal done for Fabregas as part of his legacy, but whether Arsenal would value Toure as highly as City are prepared to pay is open to question.

While the appeal of the Gunners to Toure would be clear, it’s doubtful whether they would pay as much as City. This could all be a game of brinkmanship by Seluk to try and force City’s hand.

Whichever Premier League club Toure signs for is likely to be strengthened by his presence and it’s to be hoped City are the ones. Seeing him go to Arsenal would diminish our chances of overhauling them next season.

Elsewhere in are some interesting quotes from Robinho’s representative Evandro de Souza.

Evandro de Souza:

“Any player in the world would love to play at a club like Barca.

“The stay at Santos was perfect for the World Cup. If you have a good tournament, it will open the doors of the big European clubs, including Barcelona.”

Two goals from Robinho against Tanzania yesterday didn’t do his profile any harm. goes on to say Barca are unlikely to comment in public about the possibility of a Robinho – Ibrahimovic swap until there is a positive response from the Swede’s camp.

If we can’t secure Yaya Toure then it would be an even bigger surprise to see Ibrahimovic sign, but who knows!

  • Do you see either of these players in a City shirt next season?
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  1. really dont see why yahya would be such a great addition as stylistically he is not the man we need; his passing is no better than either ndj or barry from what i have seen. if he does come though that implies either of them will likely drop out or face real pressure for their place, or that mancini will consider playing all 3 which isnt likely to endear him to anyone. it’s invention we need, not a £25m destructive force

  2. congratulations from gran canaria for the signin of David Silva.
    Is the best without doubts.I love Real Madrid and I cannot understand as Mourinho does not like him.
    Congratulations, again and visit Silva birhplace´s. Is wonderful

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