Speculation mounts that David Silva transfer could be confirmed shortly

Whilst some reports claim City have agreed a fee with Valencia and need to convince David Silva, others have said City have yet to agree a fee but are in discussions with the player. The latest on Twitter and in the Spanish press says a deal could be annonced shortly.

The quality of the sources is questionable with a Spanish radio site, a Valencia football site and the likes of this on Twitter:

Tor-Kristian Karlsen:

the spanish sportspaper as.com claim the silva deal to be made official later tonight http://bit.ly/9slbss seems clubs are close #mcfc

Valencia appear happy with City’s offer of 30-35 million euros and gave City permission to talk to the player. Not that this meant a great deal when his agent says he already has offers from three clubs!

This sounded like an agent trying to bump up the contract – similar to what we’ve seen with Yaya Toure.  Talk of Chelsea “hijacking” the deal could well be the media exaggerating the agents comments.  Remember it’s in the journalsist’s interest to link in another big club to extend the readership of their article.

Whether City are really offering Silva the reported 160k per week is questionable, but it’s reasonable to assume we’re offering a bigger deal than Chelsea who are looking to manage their wage bill – as Joe Cole found out.

If Chelsea are planning on a bid for Torres, it’s difficult to see them making any other galactico size signings.

While speaking to the player’s agent shouldn’t have been a problem, it’s unlikely that serious negotiations with the player can take place during Spain’s continued presence in the World Cup.

It’s worth bearing in mind that only a couple of days ago Silva was quoted praising Chelsea.

David Silva:

“Chelsea probably have, along with Barcelona, the best squad in football and if any player joins Chelsea he knows he is going to win things.

“In players like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba they have players who would get into any team in the world.

“And it would be a pleasure to play with them.”

Maybe his agent had a word, and this was to get City to up their offer. Who knows, but at the moment it’s looking like this quality player could be lining up alongside other top talent like Tevez and Yaya Toure!

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  1. I haven’t seen enough of Silva to comment on his ability, but I’m always inclined to trust the manager’s judgement (occasionally foolishly going on City’s buying record of the last 30 years!). If it was a straight choice between Silva and Ozil though I’d be amazed if Silva was as good as Ozil. Is he anyone?

  2. silva is a wonderfull winger
    we already have two gifted wingers
    and weiss which in my opinion in the next couple of years will be as good as silva
    on the other hand ozil is what we need , he is like s. ireland was the season before last
    if i wa mancini ill go for ozil

  3. Have seen Ozil on about 6 occasions now and he is pure class. Silva is very good but I think he could be a bit lightweight for the PL. But then we said that about Modric. What a good buy he turned out to be.

    The unfortunate thing about the World Cup is that Ozil’s price has probably gone up by about 10-15m. Not that should not be a problem to our owners, but it also alerts others with CL football to offer. Until we get that, I feel the really top drawer players will be reticent in joining us.

    But they will come eventually. CTID

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