City transfer talk: 11 July

A quiet end to last week saw Stuart Taylor rejoin the club, signing a 2 year deal. Does this mean he’s now happy to play third choice behind Given and Hart? Maybe he spent a couple of weeks weighing up his options before deciding to accept this.

Carlo Ancelotti is of the opinion we’ll sign Kolarov and Dzeko, while Harry Redknapp spoke the words few others are willing to say, in acknowledging we’re “in for Torres”.

According to Il Giornale, Mancini concurs with Ancelotti:

“Certainly Dzeko is more than just an interest.”

The City manager also acknowledged his interest in Balotelli “if Inter decide to sell”.

In terms of players leaving, there’s the usual stories linking Tottenham with Bellamy and Richards; the kind of page filling stories we’ve been seeing in the southern press ever since Bellers joined us.

All in all, there’s little progress being reported. Hopefully this will improve once the World Cup is over and managers want new players partaking in pre-season training.

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