Europa League preview: Manchester City v Lech Poznan

City face a potentially tricky fixture against the Polish champions with Roberto Mancini having to be mindful of Sunday’s game against Arsenal. The manager has spoken of resting Carlos Tevez while bigging up Adebayor’s performance against Blackpool.

Presumably this is an attempt to kickstart the Togolese into some goalscoring form while we wait for Balotelli to gain full fitness. Mancini’s brushing aside of the Rooney speculation can in part be put down to not wanting to further alienate Adebayor. We need a striker other than Tevez to score some goals, as tonight’s match illustrates.

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Rooney to City. Could it happen? Should it happen?

Rooney. Rooney. Rooney. Last week the thought of City fans chanting that name would have been insane. The odds are a lot shorter now.

Inevitably City have been linked with the player ever since the story of Rooney refusing to sign a new United contract was broke by the Mirror on Sunday. The prospect is a delicious one for the media, but could it happen? Here’s a few reasons why it’s a possibility, and a couple why City should think twice.

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Verdict: Blackpool 2 Manchester City 3

Time to call on the cliche of a rollercoaster at Blackpool as City eventually triumphed 3-2 after a thrilling second half saw a collection of great goals. David Silva evoked memories of Georgi Kinkladze with his strike, while Carlos Tevez demonstrated hunger and a delicate touch to flick in his opener.

Roberto Mancini finally elected to field both Adebayor and Tevez in the starting line-up. It was a straightforward call with Yaya injured. The surprise was in seeing them line-up as a 4-4-2 rather than having Tevez sitting in a deeper role.

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Player ratings: Blackpool v Manchester City

Hart – Looked to enjoy his return to an old stomping ground, seeing more action than our manager might have wanted. Joe displayed sound handling and distribution was more accurate than of late. 7

Boateng (Richards 76) – Still not stopping any crosses as he stands off opponents. Only glimpses of his range of passing. Should improve with more games, but at the moment Jerome is no better than Richards. 6

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