Player ratings: Liverpool v Manchester City

Hart – Started with a fine save to tip a Suarez effort onto the post. Sadly it had little effect on the outcome and Joe might have done better with the first two goals. 6

Boyata – The desperate opening period did for the composure he showed against Sunderland. Struggled and received little support. 5

Kolarov – If Mancini plays the Serbian at Wembley against either Nani or Valencia we fear the worst. Another poor display of defending and laboured attacking play. 3

Kompany – Struggled against the contrasting combination of Suarez and Carroll. Showed his character in trying to bring the ball out of defence in the second half. 6

Lescott – Fared no better than Kompany, and had the added problem of having to cover for Kolarov. Appeared to have to mark up to four opponents at corners, which he did at least attempt. 6

Barry – Fans of Barry claim he does a lot of unseen work. Well it was certainly hard to spot in this game. One to confirm Joey Barton’s less than complimentary opinions. 2

Milner – Didn’t make his presence felt in the opening period though did at least attempt to spread the play from the centre. The only justification for his anger at being subbed was that he was better than Barry. 4

Y Toure – One of those laboured performances which rarely saw him get going. Liverpool were quicker and sharper in a game that brought back memories of his early season woes. 4

A Johnson – Endeavoured to take the game to Liverpool, particularly during the opening period when he looked our greatest threat. Faded as the game wore on and might have been replaced had there not been so many other candidates. 6

Tevez – Moved aside to accommodate Dzeko and could be seen encouraging his team-mates forward. All to no avail and what looked like a hamstring injury could prove particularly damaging to our hopes for the season. 6

Dzeko – Until he learns to hold the ball up, Edin isn’t going to succeed in the Premier League. Needs to spend the summer in the gym or risks being the new Jo. 4


Balotelli – Actually showed a few nice touches when he first came on. A winding in the second half removed his appetite for the game and he suffered the Robinho ignominy of being a subbed sub on Merseyside. 4

Silva – It was all over by the time of David’s entrance. Helped us keep possession better but it still wasn’t up to his usual standard. 5

de Jong – We’ll have to wait until the champions league places are decided before we find out just how costly it was to leave Nigel and co on the bench.

Man of the match: If anyone doubted his importance to the side, then the 84 minutes before his arrival demonstrated it – Nigel de Jong.

Preview: Liverpool v Manchester City
Verdict: Liverpool 3 Manchester City 0


  1. Kolarov quite simply isn’t good enough. Unfortunately he lacks a fundemental requirement for a player in his position on the field, the ability to defend. He constanly pulls out of challenges, is out of position and fails to stop crosses. He may have a big left foot shot, but the isn’t enough to justify his spot in the squad let alone the starting 11.

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