FA Cup Final player ratings: Manchester City v Stoke City

Hart – Joe was out quick and stood up well to make his one key save of the match against Jones. Elsewhere his judgement was excellent on when to come for crosses. 7

Richards – Pushed up and kept a half-fit Etherington on the back foot throughout. Did his share of winning the aerial battles too. 7

Lescott – Aside from the moment when Jones got free, this was another solid showing. Stoke’s aerial threat was neutralised by Joleon’s partnership with Kompany. 8

Kompany – Dominated the Stoke centre-forwards in another impressive performance. Even managed to break forward and get a shot away during the first-half. 8

Kolarov – Got tight on Pennant in the early stages to show he wouldn’t be a pushover defensively. With others covering him, the defensive concerns didn’t materialise. The selfish shooting was a disappointment though. 7

de Jong – After a quiet game against Spurs, Nigel was back to his very best. His defensive shield covered a vast area of the pitch with the only downside being the return of the wayward shooting. 8

Barry (Johnson 73 mins) – Having only just returned from injury, Mancini was right to bring Barry off before he faded. Prior to that we witnessed a disciplined, professional performance which ensured our midfield dominance. 7

Y Toure – Big. Game. Goalscorer. First the semi and now the final. Early in the season Mancini took a lot of stick for playing Yaya high up the pitch. Not any more. 8

Silva (Vieira 90 mins) – Appears to have developed an allergy to scoring. That aside this was another accomplished showing where Stoke had no answer to the Spaniard’s movement and control. 7

Balotelli – A bold selection by Mancini, which was rewarded with a performance of skill and composure. Came close to scoring with a beautiful curled effort in the first half, and had a hand in the goal with a back-flick to Silva before firing in the shot which rebounded to Yaya. 8

Tevez (Zabaleta 87 mins) – Obviously not 100% fit, but still had more than enough for this game. Carlos draws the rest of the side forward like a magnet, and provided the focus which allowed Mario space to play in. Thoroughly deserved to lift the trophy. 8


A Johnson – Came on and stretched Stoke further. They broke almost immediately, and Adam did a sound job in helping see us through without sitting back. 7

Zabaleta – A slight surprise to see him on the bench, and his belated appearance was thoroughly deserved. The last time two Argentinians won the Cup was 1981 apparently.

Vieira – Picked up his fifth FA Cup winners medal without having to break into a sweat.

Man of the match: Everyone – they all played their part.

FA Cup Final preview: Manchester City v Stoke City
FA Cup Final verdict: Manchester City 1 Stoke City 0


  1. balotelli is becoming my favourite City player, and I think I’ve worked out why.

    Like many city fans, I’m addicted to the helter skelter.

    Now that watching City is more helter than skelter, I get the fix of unpredictable briliance / rubbish from super mario. In a way, he’s the most classically “City” player at the club. He gives me that “score a brilliant goal then get sent off and lose us the game” hit that I still crave a little bit.

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