City training report (Friday)

Taken from the forum:

A fairly low key session today with 19 players on view,NDJ,JM and OH missing.Good to see Mancini’s father Aldo alongside the pitch watching on and maybe preparing to let his son know what he got wrong! Just a few cameras around today and the same number of fans.Sad that one illiterate decided it was good form to throw his rubbish on the floor and I got the standard yobbish response when I suggested he might pick it up.Where is Carl when you need him?

A nice relaxed atmosphere amongst the players as they went through basic warm up routines after splitting into two groups and failry quickly into a game with Lombardo making the numbers up to 11 a side.Not a very intense game,quite brief as well and only one goal deciding it.And from the unlikely source of AJ’s head from a Clichy cross.Tevez smacked one onto the bar after some good individual work but it was definitely defences on top with Vinnie and Lescott commanding at one end and Savic and Kolo at the other.When the whistle blew I thought it would be for half time and a drink but they sloped off and that was that. Mario was the last off after talking with the boss.

As I was leaving there were noises from behind a fence and good to see Nigel outside working. Another step closer so let’s hope he isnt far away.

by Douglas Higginbottom

According to a poster on BlueMoon, Owen Hargreaves played an hour game recently. Hopefully there was no adverse reaction. No surprise to see a gentle session during a hectic period of fixtures.


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