Training report (Tue 20/9/11)

From the forum:

All behind fencing today at drizzly miserable Carrington.There were 17 outfield players fully involved today and most of those who played at Fulham got an extra rest.No surprise to see Hargreaves and Nedum but I didn’t expect to see Bridge in there. Obviously the numbers were made up of EDS lads including Roman as per his tweet this morning.Others involved were Assulin,Suarez,Rekik plus Razak,Mancini and Scapuzzi

Nigel was just going in from a one to one session with a physio when I arrived and later Lescott was out doing some work.

Routine stuff to start with keep ball circles and a couple of gentle games involving handball and two touch passing with no real intensity from the majority.Mancini then took a team away to do some specific pass and move stuff and maybe that gave an insight into the team but maybe not as he did change it around a little fairly quickly.A photographer near me was full of “is Silva there” “is Tevez there”. Must be working for the Sun:)

Then it was back all together for a final game to finish of what was a shortish session.No real intensity in the game either compared to what I often see.Not that people weren’t trying (hmm) but it did seem to lack that desire to win even though it’s just a training session.Goals came mostly from tap ins either after good work or a save. Scapuzzi 2,Roman,Tevez are the ones I can remember. Seemed a little one sided as well with one team lacking any umph going forward.Bridge came the closest twice with 2 efforts which hit the bar (one a great fingertip save from Costel)

Will be very interesting to see what team he picks and even more interesting to see how they play.

Danny Higginbottom

While attention is on whether Owen Hargreaves plays against Birmingham, it will be interesting to see if Onuoha and even Bridge are back in the fold. It’s to be hoped Assulin gets a game as he’s not eligible for the NextGen series and is in danger of suffering from a lack of action.

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