City training (Mon 26/9/11)


Hot at Carrington today as the squad was out in full (with one exception) and about 20 cameras as it is Chumps league week. Great to see everybody there including Nigel and AJ and all taking part in the full session.The missing one was Mario and my guess is he has been given an extra day or so off as he cant be involved tomorrow.A few extras added as well from the EDS,Suarez,Bridge and Wabara.

Not just cameras on the ground today but also a helicopter floating around as well taking in some of City and a little around the swamp when the fumes weren’t too strong.

Plenty of the usual stuff to start with and a longish session with keep ball circles probably for the cameras. Far too much fun going on in these though especially in Micah’s group (no surprise).Then into the “football” parts with 1 and 2 touch stuff in big then small nets.Only one goal scored and by Aguero in the diddy nets much to the delight of Zaba and the rest of his team mates..

A couple of fun moments in these sessions.It was bibs against blues with Carlos as one of the bibs.He chose the perfect moment to lift the bib over his head to become a blue and then when the ball was passed to him,show it again as he passed onto a bib. The players thought it was hilarious.Good to see Carlos is sulking eh! Then as many players realised how hot it was they decided to shed some clothes.Trouble was they ended up with 3 teams. Blues,Bibs and yellows. Crazy stuff as Kolarov stopped the game as he didnt know who to pass to.

As usual it all ended with a game which was only 9 a side with quite a few of those who played on Saturday given a rest.Roman and Scapuzzi also joined in.Quite a competitive game as ever and the goals came from Milner (cracking left footer) Roman at the end of a great move and then the best, a Kolarov special into the far top corner.The whole session was barely an hour long as they went in with nobody staying out for extras apart from Razak working with Lombardo.

Douglas Higginbottom

Great to see Tevez in good spirits and enjoying training. With a tough away fixture and Dzeko not at his best on Saturday, Carlos could be a key figure given the chance.

Verdict: Manchester City 2 Everton 0
Champions League preview: Bayern Munich v Manchester City


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