Why Etihad sponsorship leaves City still needing more money

Quite rightly there was a celebratory air to City’s new sponsorship deal with Etihad. Early speculation guessed it might be worth £100m, then the figure rose to £300m and finally it was reported as being worth up to £400m over 10 years.

The structuring of the deal to cover stadium naming rights, shirt sponsorship and the new developments on the area surrounding the ground should enable it to fit within Financial Fair Play rules (FFP).

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Cup runs could leave City playing two games a week EVERY week

If City continue to progress in the FA Cup and Europa League then they’re likely to have to play twice a week every week until the end of the season. The league games against Tottenham and Stoke would need to be moved to accommodate cup games with the only available slots being around Wednesday 20 April for Spurs and Wednesday 11 May for Stoke.

Having not played in a cup final since 1981, City could face the ridiculous situation of having to play two before the final league game at Bolton! A replay against Reading could leave City playing three games in one week.

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Media pressure on Mancini is unwarranted

Two bad results featuring one bad performance appears to have been enough for Roberto Mancini to be deemed the Premier League manager “under pressure”. A week before losing to Wolves we were sitting in second place and seen as the biggest threat to Chelsea.

Such is the way the way the media works. Liverpool have won their last two games and the spotlight needs to be shone on someone other than Roy Hodgson. Many of those now knocking Mancini after two defeats will argue elsewhere against kneejerk reactions and sacking managers without giving them time.

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