Are City set to sign a second striker after Balotelli?

With Mario Balotelli set to join the club and Roque Santa Cruz looking like the striker to make way out of last season’s first team squad it might be reasonable to assume they’re a straight swap. Yet is that the case?

Despite his powerful physique, Balotelli doesn’t play the role of target man which Santa Cruz was supposed to fill. Instead the positions he occupies are closer to those of Craig Bellamy. Namely he’s primarily a striker but often played on the flanks where his pace, skill and powerful shooting allow him to cut in and augment the strikers.

We’ve spent much of the summer linked with Edin Dzeko and to a less extent Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Either of these would be a more natural replacement for Santa Cruz, and offer a step up in quality. They would also offer greater experience and consistency than we could expect from Balotelli.

Therefore it might be reasonable to assume that we will return for one of these two strikers once our negotiating team have finished with the Balotelli and Milner deals.

It’s worth noting that our interest in Balotelli was only stepped up once our advances on Torres had apparently been rebuffed. Getting Torres was always likely to be a bonus rather than a key signing. Balotelli is similar in that he isn’t likely to be fundamental to our side for next year. He’s a player to provide impact in bursts, possibly from the bench, while he matures and settles into the Premier League.

If we bring in Balotelli and a target man then the pressure on places is likely to be intense. Speculation about Adebayor will increase, though Bellamy’s role on the left might be the one under greater threat from Silva, Balotelli and Adam Johnson.

It doesn’t take much for the media to link Bellamy or Adebayor with moves away from City, yet in the squad article it was clear how they can both make the cut even if we do sign Balotelli and another striker. It’s to be hoped they do stick around as strength of squad could be vital in the upcoming season.

  • Do you think City will sign another striker on top of Balotelli?
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  1. I’m quietly pleased that the spec that injur monkey Torres looks like a lost hope, Zlatan can stay where he is fort me too. I do however wish that Robinho would return to the fold and put the effort in that he displayed in the first half of his first season with Citeh. Dzeko is indeed on my wish list and get rid of rocki. Bellas along with Ireland would be great to keep…how could we get rid of Craig after his Man U and Arsenal performances last year, outstanding. I rather feel like if were going to get everyone one on our supposed target list were going to be starved of Johnsons magic which for me would be instrumental to our ambitions.

  2. If we were obviously prepared to pay big bucks for Fernando, why not look to a club with real debt problems and make an offer they cannot afford to turn down for ‘once a blue always a blue’ Wayne Rooney. £70M should do it ?

  3. Real couldn’t afford to buy Rooney at the moment, but they would if they could. City may just be in a position to grab anyone they like inc. Messi ? The reason Gerrard & Torres have come out and said they want to stay at Liverpool is because no one has come out and made a bid for them… They’re saving face, that’s all.

  4. What makes people think that we are looking for a target man? Mancini has been playing some variation of 4-4-2 pretty regularly in preseason…

    I can see a redux of the old-school Italian “little and large” striker partnerships. Tevez as the “little”, Ade/Super Mario/ Dzeko being the large.

  5. GaryCooksNapkin
    3 August 2010 - 11:49 pm

    I agree with Norm 100% and am quietly hopeful that Bobinho will return and just get on with it. He CAN do it, remember how we all thought about him at Xmas first season, esp when compared with Berbaflop?

    Baloteli def one for the future, but one we can grab and still mould now… Dzeko I think has slipped thru the net, but he will be a lot cheaper next season. Not too fussed about Milner TBH, certainly not more than 20m and I hope city walk… could that whole “deal” be a smokescreen for someone else?

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