Why Craig Bellamy won’t quit football

Craig Bellamy:

“I feel strongly that I can offer something at the club. But if I don’t get in the 25-man squad, I don’t know what I will do.

“I might finish, full stop, or look at every option I get.”

There’s virtually no chance of Craig Bellamy remaining with City and not making the final squad of 25. Most supporters would have him in the squad based on his performances last season. Whether Roberto Mancini is quite so enamoured with Bellamy’s qualities may be open to question.

If the Welshman is likely to be on the fringes of things at City, then a transfer could be arranged with one of the numerous teams who would be glad to have him. In the event of the transfer window being about to close with a deal not in place, then a loan could be arranged.

Mancini would surely prefer that to having an unhappy Bellamy hanging about the place contemplating retirement. It simply wouldn’t happen.

If we were particularly suspicious then one might wonder whether Bellamy had been encouraged to make these comments by an agent to help engineer a move.

It’s been said that City don’t want to sell to rivals such as Spurs this season. Comments like these might soften that stance if Bellamy’s position becomes ‘untenable’ (to use a popular media term).

Yet Bellers is known to provide great copy for journalists as he speaks openly and from the heart. Clearly he’s not sure of his future under Mancini – not being one of the 21 players to get a run out against Valencia in the final pre-season game was pretty damming.

Given that he can’t play twice a week, would Bellamy be set to play a friendly for Wales if he was integral to Mancini’s plans for the season opener on Saturday lunchtime? It’s doubtful to say the least.

As a consequence these quotes shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Bellamy has never been one to hang around at clubs, so a transfer is definitely on the cards. If Mancini wants him to stay then he needs to put the proverbial arm around the shoulder and offer a reassuring word.

Bellamy could still play an important role for City this year. Neither Silva or Balotelli offer the same commitment to the team when it comes to tracking back. Bellers is a seasoned Premier League player who we know will give his all in messy away games against the likes of Stoke and Blackburn.

Not dropping points in these fixtures is crucial. United effectively conceded the title last season with a limp draw at Blackburn.

These are the games where Bellamy saw off the threat to his place from Robinhno. He could easily do the same to Balotelli, a player often criticised by Mourinho for showing no interest in the defensive side of the game.

It’s to be hoped he stays for this season where his experience could be vital. Bellamy is a player with little silverware to show for all his endeavours. It would be great to see him pick up some with City.

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  1. I’d take Bellers over most of the squad, forget Tevez’s goals, Craig was the stand-out performer for me last season.
    Disruptive? Yes. Outspoken? Undoubtedly. Talented and a game winner? Indeed…

  2. He cant just unilaterally ‘retire’. He is under contract and would have to negotiate a way out of it. That would cost him money.

  3. Manicni you MUG look at Bellamys stats !

  4. i’m a celtic fan and would love to see him come back to us, i watched alot of city games last year and if half the team showed as much passion and determination as bellamy it would have atleast been a champions league place if not the title at city

  5. He does show passion and he is a very good player. However, he has tried to undermine Mancini’s authority. For the good of the team Mancini has to, reluctantly, let him go. If he doesnt then he, Mancini, is on a very slippery slope.

    I wish him well. He has been great for th club and will do a good job elsewhere but I am with Mancini on this one.

  6. People who suggest this has something to do with an agent or Bellamy is being disruptive should watch the interview (on Sky).


    The interviewer is clearly pressurising him to come up with something controversial. Bellamy keeps saying how committed he is to City. Clrealy the might finish remark is more through the thought and frustraion of not being in the squad.

    Gormless Daniel Taylor in the Guardian harps on about the fact he hasnt talked to Mancini since February but Craig actually says despite his great relationship with Mark Hughes that kind of thing was common for him too but that doesnt work for the story they want to create,

    Craig deserves a place in the squad and if anyone is naive enough to believe that Viera is more worthy then they really do need to sort their heads out.

  7. Bellers has got togo. He attempted to undermine Mancini at his weakest point – 2-0 down to Everton, fracas with Moyes; and er yes that was six months ago – and is paying the price. Mancini is like all world class managers, hard as steel and doesn’t forget. To see Bellamy crying for his future makes me laugh and any City fans who have half a brain can see that no manager allows a snake in the grass to remain. By the way, regarding ruthless, what about Craig’s hero Mark Hughes forcing our captain out of the club and buying a £24 million donkey as a replacement?

  8. On the subject of ruthless, what about Hughes threatening Tottenham that they would buy Palacios from Wigan in order to force ‘Appy ‘Arry to give up his push for Bellers from West Ham?

    Bellamy is looking down the barrel of a career with no medals to speak of and hasn’t got the moral courage to blame himself for wasting his talent.

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