Europa League player ratings: FC Timisoara v Manchester City

Hart – Under employed for most of the evening. A relief after the Spurs game. 6

Zabaleta – Tighter on opponents than Micah and came close to conceding penalties as a result. 6

Kompany – Another dominant performance as the partnership with Kolo continues to flourish. 7

K Toure – Continued his solid start to the new campaign. Justifiably holding on to his place which wasn’t always the case last season. 6

Lescott – Strong in defence, not so great going forward. Joleon will never be an Ashley Cole or Evra when it comes to attacking, but alonside Kompany he forms an imposing barrier on the left side. 6

de Jong – Dominated in front of the defence as the main anchor man. Timisoara couldn’t get past the Dutchman. 6

Y Toure – Whilst the fashion is for defensive or creative midfielders, it was great to see Yaya playing the box-to-box role in the second half. Unlucky not to score with a rocket against the post. 8

Barry (Balotelli 55) – Did his job in keeping things tidy before making way for the attacking prowess of Mario. Barry is probably the midfielder most likely to make way for Milner against Liverpool. 5

Silva (A Johnson 64) – Still feeling his way back after a minimal pre-season. At the moment it’s looking a little Ireland-like with some nice touches followed by periods of anonymity. 5

Tevez (Jo 77) – The new roaming role is getting the most out of that famed work-rate. In the first half there was little goal threat aside from a decent free-kick. 6

Adebayor – Worked hard as the lone striker. His threat increased as he gained support in the second half. There ought to have been a goal late on when he elected to pass. 7


Balotelli – Came on and showed some neat touches before poleaxing an opponent. Scored and curled another chance just wide. Booked for some verbals with an opponent then injured in the final minute. A new headline maker is born. 7

A Johnson – Provided natural width when replacing Silva, enabling us to thoroughly dominate the tiring Romanians. Saw one shot flash over the bar. 6

Jo – The fact he made an appearance is remarkable in itself. Another indication he’s going to make the final 25? Showed a couple of neat touches, nearly got on the end of an Adebayor pull-back, but also conceded possession needlessly on one occasion. 6

Man of the match: Yaya Toure.

FC Timisoara v Manchester City – team and video links
Europa League verdict: FC Timisoara v Manchester City


  1. fair scores i think a Manager performance of 7 as this was a away european game and made positive changes also a Team performance of 6.5-7 i think is fair score.?


  2. Dan Andrei Solomon
    20 August 2010 - 1:09 pm

    Well, it wasn’t the best of games for neither of the teams. I was at the match, I am a Timisoara fan, and I haven’t seen so many people at the stadium in about 9 months, since a 2-0 win against Dinamo Bucharest. I think there is only one side that realy won, and that is the Timisoara Fan Base, C.V.U.C.S.(COMANDO VIOLA ULTRA CURVA SUD), that put up a great show, and didn’t stop singing even after the match finished, as they stayed at the stadium another 15 minutes singing for the players. I think that at least we proven that we are great fans… By the way, I saw a bunch of City fans in the “Unirii Square”…I don’t remember the last time I saw so many drunk people in the same place :)) Anyways, good luck for Man. City in the secound leg.! They will realy need it becose the team is going for a win and a qualify!

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