Falcao visits City. Are you watching Micah?

Falcao, the Brazilian futsal legend, has paid a visit to City this week to demonstrate his skills to City’s under 18 squad. Never mind the under 18’s, there’s plenty in the first team who could learn a thing or two from from Falcao!

For those unfamiliar with futsal, it’s like five a side with a smaller ball and is hugely popular in Brazil. The main reason for this article is an opportunity to show some Falcao on video.

Futsal is often played by youngsters and it soon becomes clear how many Brazilian stars developed their ball skills. Ronaldinho looks like he may have played a bit in his time, and Robinho started out playing the game.

There’s some amazing footage here of Robinho and Falcao playing futsal in 2007. Initially Robinho pays a visit to his old futsal coach who shows videos of 8 year old Robi. There’s no mistaking the former City player as he plays in his usual left sided attacking position, displaying his skills and cooly slotting in the goals.

Watching this piece it’s not hard to see why Robinho never felt quite at home playing Pompey at a cold and wet Fratton Park. He’s a Santos boy and belongs in Brazil, no matter how much money is thrown at him and his agents. Just enjoy the footage.

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  1. Robinho beach footballer at his best and never adult enough to play in the top leagues. He will crash and burn in Italy. Big waster of talent. Glad to see the back of him from City

  2. what a huge waste of talent. Between Robinho and Elano they should be deeply embarrassed that they left no lasting imprint on city fans other than one of despair!!!

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