Player ratings: Manchester United v City

Given – There is surely no justice in the world when Ben Foster can finish on the winning side and Shay on the losing one. For a long period in the second half, the Irishman appeared to be holding out United, and Berbatov in particular, on his own. 9

Richards – A bad start when he was out of position for the first goal, and it didn’t get much better. The tighter marking of Zabaleta would have given Giggs and co a harder time. Had a chance to make up for things, but didn’t react quickly enough to Petrov’s cross. 5

Toure – The captain didn’t cover himself in glory for Rooney’s goal either, and failed to climb high enough to keep the ball from Fletcher’s head for the third. In between times he managed to get forward and instigate our move for Tevez’s big chance. 6

Lescott – Like the captain he was overworked in the centre of defence. Didn’t do badly, but didn’t command the area either. A little more authority would have been welcome. 6

Bridge – Having to focus on the defensive side of his game isn’t his preference, but that’s the way things are sometimes, especially when you concede possession as regularly as Wayne did. At least he saw off the threat of Park and Valencia fared little better. 6

de Jong – An excellent 1st half when he helped us get a foothold in the game. Less effective in the second and has to take some responsibility for us sitting to deep. 7

Barry – A coolly taken goal was the highlight. The low point was being outjumped by Fletcher for United’s second. For the second game in succession his influence faded in the second half, at a time when we needed his controlled passing to relieve the pressure. 7

Ireland – The lay-off for Tevez on the stroke of half-time was a good touch, but that’s not enough and he’ll know it. Moving him out to the left flank in the second half didn’t do him any favours. We needed more from him in the middle to take the game to United. 6

Wright-Phillips – Spent to much time at right-back. Shaun looked dangerous on the few times he managed to get forward. 7

Tevez – His trademark harrying won us our first goal. He’ll be equally remembered for hitting the post with his golden chance. Lack of fitness caught up with him in the second half and he shouldn’t have played for the full match. 6

Bellamy – His game’s not just about work-rate. Two brilliant goals looked to have salvaged us a point. It’s cruel on the Welshman that they proved to be in vain. 9


Petrov – Managed two quality moments in the short time he was on the pitch. The first was a low, driven ball that flashed
across the goal and was nearly turned in by Richards. The second was the quick thinking lay-off to release Bellamy for City’s third. 7

Verdict: Manchester United 4 City 3
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  1. Agree with your overall assessment, I suppose Toure and Lescott a work in progress, and they will yet. Petrov deserves more than an occasional sub appearance, especially while Rob injured.

    Good blog btw

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