Picture of the day: Craig Bellamy

At Maine Road, they used to sing:

“I’ll walk a million miles for one of your smiles… Summerbee!”

Check out this picture from last night’s match, courtesy of The Sun, and try:

“I’ll walk a million miles for one of your smiles… Bellamy!”

Click here for the picture.

It ought to be a caption competition for our lovable hero, who was in fine berating form last night. Maybe he’d just seen the fourth official put up the Additional Time board.

(Warning: the page with the picture will resize your browser, but doesn’t do any harm)

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  1. Erm, the point being?

  2. Haha, its almost worth seeing Bellamy flagged offside just to see the famous reaction. I think the above pic was of when Bellamy looked to have been clearly fouled and the ref (bravely) gave it against him.

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