Player ratings: City v Fulham (Carling Cup)

Given – Shay looked as stunned as the rest of us with the Fulham goal. Thereafter it was most about organising those in front of him at set pieces. 6

Zabaleta – His big chance and he looked… rusty. Never really appeared on the same wavelength as those around him, which was a pity as he was outstanding in his last game against Celtic. 6

Toure – The captain bagged his first goal, and kept the defence focussed in a determined effort to silence the critics. 7

Lescott – A couple of misplaced passes, a couple of mistimed interceptions, but still looks decent enough. Good to see him have the confidence to venture forward in search of a goal. 7

Bridge – In the beginning there were forward runs, then there were sideways runs. Finally, as tiredness set in, the runs ceased. But where were the forward passes? 6

Wright-Phillips – Not able to influence the game on the right flank, he actually looked better when moving in-field after de Jong went off. 6

De Jong – Fulham didn’t offer much threat, but he won everything regardless. Some decent passing as well. The one player (apart from Bellamy who’s in a league of his own when it comes to commitment) who looked truly up for it. 8

Ireland – Another disappointing showing where none of the incisive passes seemed to come off. I know he hasn’t played much with Tevez, but neither have I and yet I know the Argentine doesn’t have the pace to chase balls played over the top. 5

Barry – Trundling, rather than sprinting around the middle, he was still able to play most of our better passes from the middle of the park. Popped up with a timely goal. 7

Tevez – Still doesn’t look fully fit. At least I hope he isn’t, otherwise his price tag is a little ‘toppy’ afterall. With a lack of pace and height, the Argentine isn’t cut out to play as a lone striker (Bellamy would be better) and it’s to be hoped that Hughes eventually realises this. 6

Bellamy – Earnt the biggest cheer as the teams were read out for his hat-trick (2 goals and 1 fan) on Sunday. Hilarious, as he gives his all and remonstrates with everything. At one point I swear the referee actually ran away to the middle after giving a debatable decision against the Welshman. 8


Petrov – Within a few minutes of coming on, he’d put over more crosses than Wright-Phillips managed in the whole match. Thereafter he became increasingly erratic, but at least offered a threat. Adebayor and Santa Cruz will benefit from his delivery. 7

Weiss – A little to eager to impress initially and kept falling over. Steadily improved and gave the Fulham defenders something to think about. 6

Man of the match: de Jong, though it is tempting to give it to Sylvinho for a world record warm-up, covering first half, the whole of the second half, and going in to extra time. Guess it’s all part of that winning mentality.

Carling Cup verdict: City 2 Fulham 1 (aet)
Picture of the day: Craig Bellamy

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